A Quick Guide to Celebrating A Sustainable Holi 2024

A Quick Guide to Celebrating A Sustainable Holi 2024

The plethora of colours, the chilled thandai, the delicious sweets, the all-white outfit drenched in vibrant colours, an assortment of tangy chats, and an array of the peppiest bollywood numbers. Do they remind you of anything? Yes, Holi, the most lovable festival, is just around the corner. The perfect day to laugh, sing and dance away all your worries.

It’s that time of the year when colours brighten up your surroundings, mouth watering aromas of the tastiest food fills the air and warm laughter of your loved ones echo around you. It’s the happiest festival of the season, Holi hain! Commemorating the triumph of good over evil and the true essence of kindness, Holi celebrations take the entire country by storm; young or old! And this is the perfect opportunity for you to take part in the festivities while doing your best to give back to the environment through a safe, eco-friendly and sustainable celebration.

In this blog, let’s dive into some of the ways you can take care of yourself, your dear ones and your surroundings during your fun-filled Holi celebrations 2024!

Flower Power!

Bengaluru’s unprecedented water crisis is a concerning cause for all. So this Holi, let’s switch our water-based games to something more fun and sustainable! Flowers make an excellent alternative. From their range of beautiful colours to fresh, soothing scents, they can seamlessly transform your party into a grand, eco-friendly event. They are not harmful to people as well or the environment as they do not have any chemicals. These flowers can be recycled or disposed of easily. Use flower petals, whole flowers, balls made out of flowers, crushed flower powder or simply extract colours to create your own home-made Holi colours. Your mind is the only limit!

Eye Spy

Take extra caution in these festivities to make sure you do not accidentally harm your eyes. Foreign substances that are thrown into the air can easily irritate your eyes and cause redness, swelling and infections. Prevention is key! Use oils like coconut, almond, olive or castor; or petroleum jelly to smear a thick protective layer around your eyes. This may look funny, but trust the process for a safe celebration. This will prevent colours from seeping into your eyes. Additionally, wear an old pair of spectacles or sunglasses when you are playing Holi to prevent colours from getting into your eyes. And if they do enter your eyes, make a dash for the washroom and quickly splash your eyes with water repeatedly.  Prepare a solution of water and rose extract and wash your eyes with it after you’ve played with colours. Rosewater can soothe any lingering eye agitation. Be prepared for any unfortunate circumstances. Before going out, refrigerate a few slices of bread and once you come back, use the frozen bread slices as a cold compress on your eyes. Home remedies for the win!

Hair Us Out!

Hair woes follow us around everywhere, especially during this buzzing Holi season when harsh chemicals and powders clog up the scalp and trigger hairfall, allergies and scalp sensitivity. Combat this with a carefully devised plan for A1 hair even after a long day’s party. Oil your hair thoroughly from the roots to the tips to create a protective barrier from the chemicals. Use lukewarm water and a clarifying shampoo to rinse off all the muck from your hair with multiple washes if necessary. Use a mirror for added assistance. Post-wash, use a moisturising conditioner or serum to seal all the hydration. Remember to let your hair dry naturally and avoid using any heating tools for a few days to let your scalp recover. 

These post Holi tips ensure your skin and hair can bounce back to their natural health and radiance.

Skin Comes First

Your skin is going to be exposed to alot of rough wear and tear during your festivities. To prevent breakouts and maintain that glow, make sure to adhere to some pre and post-celebration guidelines. Always coat your skin with a natural, safe oil or jelly. Make sure to cover spots like the back of your ears and the nape of your neck that are usually missed. Unlike present day, when markets are flooded with chemical-based colours, Holi colours used to be derived from flowers and plants. You can ditch those chemical-based colours and go the traditional way by opting for organic ones. Additionally, you can create your own colours using beetroot juice for red, turmeric and besan powder for yellow, and various additional combinations are possible. Safe for the skin and the environment, double win!

Ditch The Plastics

It’s 2024 and this calls for a complete end to one-time use plastics! Say no to carry bags, packaging, disposable cups and plates and anything else that says “use and throw”. Instead, switch to reusable bags or rice sacks for large quantities of items. Consider using reusable dishes for your meals, if that’s not possible look into the host of biodegradable options that have entered the market. From bamboo plates to paper cups, our creative product designers and engineers are sure to make it difficult to choose one perfect solution to celebrate a clean and sustainable Holi this year!

Invest In Colourful Furniture

Holi is never complete without family and friends. If you're planning to throw a Holi party at home, your home deserves a Holi makeover. Everyone’s looking for quick ways to accommodate extra guests. Right from food, sleeping arrangements or just extra seating in the living room. This year, instead of settling with subpar plastic chairs and rental couches, bring home some colourful furniture that symbolise the true essence of the festival while also catering to all your needs. eTerior’s range of vibrant and diverse furniture includes dining tables, sofas, upholstered beds, storage solutions and more. What’s better? You can customise your furniture exactly the way you want it right from size, material, style and colours; making this the perfect solution to all your furnishing needs. Simply get in touch with the creative team at eTerior, discuss your preferences and let their talented craftsmen build and deliver your furniture within just one week!

Colours have qualities that can cause certain emotions in people. Colour influences perceptions that are not obvious, such as the taste of food or the feelings one can experience when they enter a particular space. Under the influence of different colours, we feel and think differently. With a good understanding of these colours, you can easily learn how and when to use them to your advantage inside your home to invoke positive reverberations. In this section, we will go through some of the most commonly used colours and the feelings and emotions they involve in people when used in surroundings. 

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Breathtaking Blues

Favourite of many, the colour blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and intelligence. Which is why it is often used in places that build trust, like banks. With its striking hues from soft sky blue to deep navy blue, this colour is as versatile as colours can get! Invest in a beautiful blue piece of furniture to add a dash of sophistication and trust  to your home. 

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Romantic Reds

This intense colour has more psychological and emotional connections than any other colour in the spectrum. Red is associated with passion, love, power, confidence, and anger. Add this fiery colour to your home to ignite a sense of excitement and passionate experiences. Additionally, make your home more youthful and cheerful with this bold and bright colour that oozes “fun”!

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Gorgeous Greens

Found in nature, green is a colour that everyone cherishes. Green evokes feelings like revival, freshness, vitality and peace due to its connection to nature. Green aids in relaxation and it is often described as refreshing and tranquil. Green symbolizes prosperity and good luck in many cultures. Bring home the colour green to evoke a sense of balance, refreshment and serenity.

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Pretty Pinks

As the mix between red's passion and white's purity, pink symbolizes love, nurture and compassion. It evokes feelings of comfort, warmth and hope. Manifest these positive emotions into your home by surrounding yourself with this breathtaking colour. From pastel rose pinks to striking barbie hot pinks, this colour has a tone that can appeal to everyone. 

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Yellow Yellow, Stunning Fellow!

The psychology of the colour yellow tells us that the colour has traditionally been a symbol of joyfulness, happiness, and energy and is associated with summer months. If your favourite colour is yellow, your personality traits reveal that you are a creative, cheery, fun-loving, optimistic, friendly, and dynamic kind of individual. You may be highly mentally active and you may prefer to deal with situations with your mind over your heart. Extend this youthful cheer into your home by surrounding yourself with lush yellows in upholstery and prints!

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Wistful Whites

White is the perfect balance of all colours. It brings the dark or negative into perfect harmony with light or positive. In this, white symbolizes equality. White is often associated with perfection, honesty, cleanliness, and beginnings and in many cultures, often linked with innocence and purity. Create a serene and peaceful ambiance in your home and evoke a sense of calmness and modern perfection with a blend of contemporary and classical white furniture.

Colourful Furniture For Your Home: Beautiful Browns


The warmth of brown is associated with reliability, healing, and strength. Additionally, many find comfort in the plainness of brown because the colour is considered all-natural and earthy.Brown is an important element of Indian culture, representing its practicality, resourcefulness, and warmth, as well as being intertwined with its cultural, environmental, and social significance. Ground yourself with natural, brown furniture with the variety of woods used in beds, couches and storage solutions. Create an earthy and relaxed atmosphere at home with the warm hues of brown.

Holi is a festival that brings people together, spreads joy and happiness, and celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is a time for people to forget their worries and embrace the spirit of the season, and to come together and celebrate the bonds of friendship and love. This Holi let's burn our negative personality traits in the bonfire and be more empathetic and responsible towards society. Let us welcome this spring-summer season with open arms and a healthy mindset and set an example for younger generations.

eTerior pays tribute to the rich significance of this festival by offering an exquisite collection of furniture in a variety of colours. From bright sofas to muted beds, earthy wardrobes to cheeky dining tables, eTerior is your one stop solution for all things furniture. Why wait? Head to the eTerior website today and find the perfect companion for your home or simply have your furniture customized to cater directly to your needs. With over three years of warranty on every product and an unwavering guarantee of expert quality and craftsmanship, we promise utmost satisfaction.


How to celebrate eco-friendly Holi?

You can celebrate a sustainable and  eco-friendly Holi by using organic colours, minimising water wastage, using plants to decorate your space, and using flowers instead of abrasive chemicals.

Why should we have an eco-friendly Holi festival celebration? 

With the changing climate and rising water crisis in many parts of India. It's a high time to be a responsible citizen and contribute towards the wellness of society and nature. Celebrating Holi mindfully is important to aim for a sustainable future.

Can I get customised Holi furniture in Bangalore?

Yes! Whether you're looking for a minor customisation in our existing products or looking for fully customised furniture for your home, everything is possible with eTerior®. We offer complete customisation on all furniture including material, style, finish, colour and size to match your exact needs and requirements. We're India's first company who makes fully customised furniture exactly the way you want. 

At eTerior® you can not only get the customised furniture as per your choice and requirements. You also get unconditional support and commitment for the service and quality.

Is home delivery available for furniture in India, and what is the delivery fee?

For every piece of furniture you decide to buy from eTerior®, our team will take care of every minute detail regarding your preferences and delivery of your order. Our products are not limited to just Bangalore. You can now purchase your furniture from any part of India.