Ready-Made Furniture vs Custom Furniture: Which Is Better?


Bringing your dream home to life is the most exciting time! But, with so many choices at hand, this very excitement tends to turn into a whirlwind of decisions. Of these most crucial ones you will make, some of the largest will be whether ready-made, here-and-now furniture is the way to go or if you're going to explore custom-made furniture explicitly crafted for you. Now, here at eTerior, we understand that the truth is that both options have advantages, and which one is "better" is entirely subjective, depending on your needs and taste. So let's dive into the ready made vs custom made furniture worlds a little deeper so we can help you decide which path leads to your perfect furniture match!


Ready-Made Furniture

Ready-made furniture, just as the name suggests, is furniture already made and awaiting to be taken home. Within our expansive online store and welcoming showrooms, you will most definitely find fitting ready-made furniture selections in almost negligible budgets and in styles that give a nod to your taste.


  • Affordability: Ready-made furniture is very pocket-friendly and within the budget of most people looking for value for their decorating money.
  • Convenience: Just can't wait to get into that brand-new plush sofa? Well, ready-made furniture is all about instant gratification. Look through our online store, visit our showroom, choose your piece, and take it home as soon as possible(or have it delivered).
  • Variety Galore: From classic and contemporary to trendy, unique designs, eTerior comes loaded with ready-made furniture. You will surely find something that will match your existing decor or just set an all-new design direction.
  • Immediate Gratification: Gone are those occasions when you need just that one piece to bring the room together, and ready-made gives you immediate gratification: no waiting periods, just the joy of enjoying your new furniture purchase right away.


  • Limited Customization: Ready-made furniture is usually available in standard sizes and configurations; sometimes, it may not be entirely suitable for your space.
  • Quality Varies: Although eTerior does produce high-quality selection pieces, construction and material durability still have to be checked before every purchase.
  • Not One-of-a-Kind: The beauty of ready-made furniture lies in its ready availability. It does, however, mean that it won't be an ultra-unique artifact reflecting your style.

Custom-Made Furniture

One must think, why buy a custom-made sofa? Here is the answer: with custom made furniture, you can create a piece as unique as you. eTerior helps in finding skilled craftspeople who will fabricate furniture according to your exact specifications.


  • Perfect fit: The case of custom made furniture that is made based on specifications is heaven-sent if you happen to have oddly-shaped nooks or oddly-sized rooms. You will never again be required to squeeze a sofa upstairs or wrestle with the too-large or too-small coffee table.
  • Top-Notch Quality: This would entail that custom furniture manufacturers get to use top-quality raw materials and expert workmanship, making furniture last a long time. You will be investing in furniture that is treasured by generations of families.
  • It's a design come true: You have been lusting after some sort of sofa design and can't seem to find it anywhere; well, it becomes real through eTerior's custom made furniture options. Choose the exact fabric, upholstery, leg style, or any other detail your heart desires.
  • Uniqueness Factor: Custom furniture simply means creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece that exudes your personality and taste. It gives a touch of class to any home, setting it apart from the cookie-cutter look.


  • The Price Tag: how much does custom-made furniture cost? It is simply an investment in the real sense. The level of customization, premium materials, and the craftsperson's expertise are some of the features that raise the above ready-made garments' price.
  • The Wait Time: Too much time is needed to be invested in the building of a custom-made furniture piece. Usually, its length depends on the complexity and load of work on the craftsperson's plate. You could wait weeks or months to lay eyes on your furniture.
  • Limited Availability: There's some searching involved in finding a skilled custom made furniture maker. Not all areas have numerous guys hanging around every corner, so drive time or possible delivery fees might have to be taken into consideration.

Things to Consider Before Buying Furniture

  • Budget: Now, this is another big one! Be very realistic about the money you are going to spend on furniture. While custom made furniture has incredible benefits, it certainly stands as a more significant investment. Ready-made furniture let's one stretch the budget, but be aware that quality varies.
  • Style: What is your design style? Clean-lined modern or cozy traditional? Flip through the pages of furniture stores and online catalogs. This can help solidify your style preferences. It will then narrow down your choices from both options.
  • Wants vs. Needs: Graciously be true to yourself about what furniture you do need. Do you need that big sofa for movie times with the family or the sleek loveseat for your apartment? Once you understand what is important to you, you can make decisions on features associated with working out available options within your pocket.
  • Timeline: Exactly when do you need your furniture? If the need for furniture is immediate, ready-made could solve your requirements; that is, if you are moving into a new place soon and need the furniture quickly and pronto. But if you do have time to spare and have the grace of waiting for the perfect piece, then custom-made furniture could do justice.
  • Lifestyle: Think about your way of living and who will use the furniture. Do you have pets or small children? In that case, you may need durable furniture made from easy-to-clean materials. Now, think about how exactly you will be using the furniture; select pieces accordingly that will withstand daily use.

FAQ on Ready-Made Furniture vs Custom Furniture 

How do I choose the right furniture for my house?

There is no all-encompassing answer, but with those factors mentioned above—budget, style, needs, timeline, and lifestyle—options must be pruned. Also, remember to take good space measurements before ordering or buying your furniture. This is especially true for custom pieces.

Is readymade furniture good or bad?

Ready-made furniture isn't inherently bad! It's a budget-friendly and convenient option, with a wide variety of styles to choose from. However, the quality can vary, and you might not find the perfect fit for every space.

What are the advantages of custom made furniture?

Custom furniture is completely customized, so you get a great fit and your distinctive style. Moreover, it is constructed of finer materials and usually made with superior workmanship, proving the item will last a long time and possibly even be passed down.

How much does custom-made furniture cost?

It differs depending on the furniture's size, design complexity, chosen materials, and the craftsperson's level of expertise. Here at eTerior, we can help you find a huge selection of custom made furniture makers that will fit your budget best.