2 Seater Sofa

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Ansy Two Seater Sofa

Ansy Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 15,000.00Rs. 8,999.00
Introducing the Ansy Two Seater Sofa, a welcoming addition to your living room that exudes effortless charm. With its deep buttons, low back, and stylish nailhead trim, this loveseat effortlessly...
Hannya Two Seater Sofa

Hannya Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 21,669.00Rs. 13,999.00
Introducing the Hannya Two Seater Sofa, a stunning blend of durability and luxury. Built with a reinforced wooden frame and upholstered in plush velvet fabric, this sofa bed is both...
Michiaki Two Seater Sofa

Michiaki Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 17,000.00Rs. 14,329.00
The Michiaki Two Seater Sofa boasts a sleek and modern design with its gold-plated iron legs, square arms, and low profile. Its compact size makes it perfect for a small...
Aletta Two Seater Sofa

Aletta Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 24,899.00Rs. 14,999.00
The Aletta Two Seater Sofa is a stylish addition to any living room. With its soft linen upholstery and thick foam cushions, it offers both comfort and style. The design...
Shikamaru Two Seater Sofa

Shikamaru Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 28,533.00Rs. 15,000.00
With a touch of mid-century flair, this elegant sofa is perfect for your contemporary living room. Rectangular armrests and plush foam cushions provide plenty of space for guests and a...
Okasaki Two Seater Sofa

Okasaki Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 19,900.00Rs. 15,890.00
Indulge in the utmost comfort with the Okasaki Two Seater Sofa, a square-shaped marvel designed for relaxing evenings and peaceful moments. The intricate wooden frame is draped in a luxurious...
Sachiko Two Seater Sofa

Sachiko Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 28,800.00Rs. 16,000.00
The Sachiko Two Seater Sofa is a captivating masterpiece, perfect for intimate conversations or lounging. Its enchanting presence is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who enters the room,...
Alisa Velvet Two Seater Sofa

Alisa Velvet Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 24,999.00Rs. 16,999.00
The Alisa Velvet Two Seater Sofa is the epitome of refined style and ultimate comfort. The plush velvet cushions offer a luxurious seating experience that will transform your living space...
Viju 2 Seater Sofa

Viju 2 Seater Sofa

Rs. 32,900.00Rs. 17,500.00
Introducing the Viju 2 Seater Sofa, expertly crafted with premium fabric for a touch of subtle elegance. Its stylish design is perfect for any modern living space, offering both comfort...
Manami Two Seater Sofa

Manami Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 21,000.00Rs. 18,999.00
Indulge in the sophisticated charm of mid-century modern style with this linen sofa, designed to offer a luxurious seating experience like no other. Built with sturdy and durable materials, it...
Aina Two Seater

Aina Two Seater

Rs. 29,999.00Rs. 19,799.00
Behold the stunning design of this two-seat armchair, an exquisite addition to elevate any interior space into a realm of playful sophistication. With its puffy stitching and curved back, this...
Aiko Two Seater Sofa

Aiko Two Seater Sofa

Rs. 39,999.00Rs. 26,988.00
Introducing the Aiko 2 Seater Sofa - the epitome of refined elegance and luxurious comfort. With its distinctive deep buttons, captivating nailhead accents, and low-back design, this two-seater sofa is...

Buy 2-seater sofas online in India at eTerior for unbeatable prices.

With a wide range of choices for 2-seater sofas in our collection, we offer just the right update for your living room. Style and ultimate relaxation come with our 2-seater wooden sofa sets, 2-seater recliner sofas, and 2-seater sofa sets. At eTerior, find unbeatable prices for that perfect 2-seater sofa couch to complete the rest of your home decorations.

Brisco 2 Seater Sofa (Honey Oak)

The Brisco two seater wooden sofa is evidently manufactured from a strong piece of wood that imitates warmth and a country appeal. A soft finish with the use of its cushions and real ergonomic design guarantees comfort; it is a cozy part of your living room.

Verona 2-Seater Recliner Sofa (Brown) 

The Verona 2-Seater Recliner sofa is the epitome of the perfect marriage between luxury and comfort. With its recliner, you can literally stretch yourself out and rest after a really long day; moreover, its premium upholstery adds sophistication to your space.

Types of Modern 2-Seater Sofas at eTerior

At eTerior, we offer a diverse range of 2-seater sofas to cater to every style and preference. From contemporary designs to timeless classics, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our extensive selection and find the perfect two-seater sofa set to elevate your living space:

  1. Fabric 2-Seater Sofas: Crafted with premium upholstery materials like cotton, linen, and velvet, our fabric sofas offer a cozy and inviting appeal. Available in a myriad of colors and patterns, these sofas add warmth and texture to your room.

  2. Leather 2-Seater Sofas: Exuding sophistication and luxury, our leather sofas are a timeless choice for those seeking durability and elegance. With their easy-to-maintain surface and rich hues, these sofas effortlessly blend with both modern and traditional decor.

  3. Wooden 2-Seater Sofas: Combining the natural beauty of solid wood with plush cushions, our wooden sofas bring a touch of rustic charm to your living room. These sturdy and long-lasting sofas are perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  4. 2-Seater Recliner Sofas: Indulge in ultimate comfort with our recliner sofas, designed to provide exceptional relaxation. With their adjustable backrest and footrest, these sofas allow you to kick back and unwind after a long day.

  5. Sectional 2-Seater Sofas: Versatile and modular, our sectional sofas offer the flexibility to customize the seating arrangement according to your space and needs. Mix and match components to create the perfect seating solution for your living room.

  6. Mid-Century Modern 2-Seater Sofas: Embracing the timeless appeal of mid-century design, our mid-century modern sofas feature clean lines, tapered legs, and a retro-inspired aesthetic, adding a touch of vintage charm to your space.

With this vast selection of 2-seater sofas, you're sure to find the perfect piece that complements your unique style and elevates the ambiance of your living room. Explore our collection today and discover the ideal sofa set to create a cozy and inviting retreat in your home. 

Get Customizable 2-Seater Sofas at the Best Prices

At eTerior, we understand that each home is unique. This is the reason our 2-seater sofa sets come with unparalleled customization. Unlike at other furniture stores, where buyers can choose among the fabric, color, or size, at eTerior, the customer is free to build from scratch. Be it changing the size, color, fabric, or finish, or if you just have a design in mind, our craftsmen can do it all. You share with us your own design of a two-seater sofa, select the fabric, size, color, foam density, and finish of your choice, and we shall craft the same at our most modern manufacturing facility.  Make a bold statement with this one-of-A-Kind, 2-seater piece tailor made to personal style and taste and strongly competitively priced.

Benefits of Buying 2-Seater Sofa Sets

Buying a 2-seater sofa set from eTerior means:


  1. Space-saving: 2-seater sofas are meant to be optimal for small living spaces, exploiting spaces where there is little room.

  2. Versatility: It is thus quite easy to do the rearranging or moving of such a sofa to another room.

  3. Affordable: A cheap range of two seater sofas is available in all price brackets to suit a variety of budgets. Thus, it is easy to source good quality at good costs.

  4. Styles: The range of designs and styles serves to ensure there is a 2-seater sofa that fits within your residence.


Things to Consider Before Buying a two Seater Sofa


  • Measure the space correctly so that the sofa fits comfortably in your desired area.

  • Check out the general theme and color scheme of your room, then pick a design for the sofa that will just perfectly match it.

  • Consider what you want to use the sofa for: to sprawl informally on, to entertain guests, or both.

  • Determine how much comfort and support you need according to your lifestyle and personal requirements.

  • Select something durable from among the easy-maintenance materials.


FAQ Before Buying a 2-Seater Sofa in India Online


Is a two-seater sofa good for the office?

Absolutely right! A 2 seater could go a long way toward being very nice office furniture. It will provide a comfortable sitting arrangement for any client or colleague and, at the same time, add some warmth and professionalism to your space.

Are two-seater sofas comfortable for every age group?

A 2-seater sofa can, of course, be comfortable for anyone. This is with an ideal depth of seat, height, and cushioning that can fit all body structures and mobility levels.

Where can I find quality information?

Here at eTerior, we know that making an informed purchase is seriously important. For this, you also have a team of experts at your disposal who can provide you with all the information and answer any questions about our products, materials, and design options.

What materials are 2-seater sofas available in?

All of these two-seater sofas come in a variety of materials: premium fabrics such as cotton, linen, and velvet; leather; and wood. Each material has its own unique implications and manner of care. 

What are the different styles of two seater sofas available?

eTerior offers many styles of two-seater sofas, such as contemporary or mid-century modern, down to the more traditional and transitional—the very sofa that can be a near-perfect fit for the homestead decor.

What size is a 2-seater sofa?

The lengths of a two seater sofa are usually 55–65 inches and can accommodate two adults; other sizes could be different depending on the style and make.

What is the lowest price for a two seater sofa at eTerior?

eTerior prides itself on making state-of-the-art furniture solutions pocket-friendly without compromising on quality. Our range of 2-seater sofas can be priced as low as ₹19,999, which will make your living space vibrant without being a burden on your pocket.