Jiraya Shoe Rack

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Looking for a shoe rack that can accommodate your footwear collection without taking up too much space? Check out Jiraya Shoe Rack! With its innovative stacking design, you can easily align the feet of the upper rack in the holes on the top of the lower rack, making it a space-saving solution for organizing your shoes. Note that if you have large shoes, such as men's size 13 or over, you may want to consider a larger option. Check out our 'you might also need' section for an alternative.

Key Specifications :

* Frame Material : Solid wood

* Dimensions : 31.9'' H X 27.7'' W X 11.8'' D

  • Warranty:

    This product comes with 36 month's warranty, which covers manufacturing defects issues that occur during the warranty period. The warranty applies to furniture used under normal household conditions.