Kouki Shoe Rack

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Revamp your entryway with the Kouki Shoe Rack! This elegant 3-in-1 shoe bench is the perfect solution to keep your shoes organized, your entryway tidy and your home smelling fresh. The open design of the rack allows for air circulation, keeping your shoes from developing any unpleasant odors. The sturdy construction of the bench provides a comfortable seating space for changing your shoes, and the 3 shelves can accommodate a variety of shoe sizes, heights, and materials. Don't let disorganized shoes ruin the look of your home - choose Kouki Shoe Rack for a stylish and functional entryway.

Key Specifications :

* Frame Material : Solid Wood

* Foam Density : 32 Density

* Fabric Material : Linen

* Dimensions : 18.9'' H X 43.4'' W X 11.8'' D


  • Warranty:

    This product comes with 36 month's warranty, which covers manufacturing defects issues that occur during the warranty period. The warranty applies to furniture used under normal household conditions.