Seiji Coffee Table

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Introducing the Seiji Coffee Table, a statement piece that exudes classic elegance and sophistication. This tasteful piece is crafted from premium faux wood and features a lustrous neutral finish that radiates a sense of understated refinement. The table stands gracefully on four tapered legs, enhancing its refined silhouette and adding a touch of poise to your living space. With a streamlined square shape, it blends seamlessly into any seating area, making it the perfect complement to any decor style. Its open floor shelves offer ample storage space for your books, while its surface serves as an exquisite stage for your hot drinks and decorative accents. Adorn your home with this stylish coffee table and elevate your living space to new heights of timeless beauty.

Key Specifications :

* Frame Material: Particle Board

 * Dimensions : 16.3'' H X 34.8'' L X 34.8'' D


  • Warranty:

    This product comes with 12 month's warranty, which covers manufacturing defects issues that occur during the warranty period. The warranty applies to furniture used under normal household conditions.